SizeGenetics review

15 Jul

Many men have searched far and wide for the ultimate product which will make their dreams come true and be proud of their main member. However, many have become frustrated because all male enhancement products claim to give unparalleled results only to find out that they don’t work. For men aged twenty-one to ssixty five, the search is over because SizeGenetics is here to tell you why it is undoubtedly considered the best penis enlargement product available other than taking supplements.

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What is SizeGenetics?

The first step is understanding what SizeGenetics is all about and what it can achieve for you. SizeGentics also marketed under the name of Jes Extender male enhancement is composed of various devices in one sustainable system which is prosissionally made under British standard quality control conditions. The product comes with a traction device called the AndroPenis which men have to wear on a daily basis for two to ten hours. Now, if you are thinking of the discomfort of wearing the device, this is what SizeGenetics manufacturers have thought of in advance and what separates the product from others of its kind.

The unit has a comfort mechanism wherein after wearing it for some time after a week or so, you will barely notice that it is there; it practically becomes part of you and you will be proud of the result. The product also has a PenisHealth DVD full of exercise programs to ensure that you get your best results within four to six months.

How does it work?

How does SizeGenetics work in helping you achieve a longer, bigger, harder, and stronger penis? The device is backed up by the principle of use and disuse which has been around since the cave man years and is still used in the field of medicine today. Because of the pressure applied by the device, the cells in the corpus cavernosa separate which facilitates cell division and growth of the penis.